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Use and purchasing behaviour

Tools in order to :

  • Understanding the reasons for using a trade mark/a site and/or the motivation for using a product/service
  • Knowing the state of demand of the clients
  • Analysing the elements which give them satisfaction/dissatisfaction

This survey is made at the beginning and the end of the client contact and compares the conformity between the purchasing intention/purchases made.
At the beginning it enables us to define precisely the level of expectation of the clients before the offer is made : What do they expect to find in a shop, what sort of a product do they imagine, what sort of purchases do they intend to make…
At the end, the clients spontaneously express what they feel about their experience : what perception of the offer product/service, which purchases were made, were they attracted by the offer, the setting, the reception, the expectation…

The key stages

How the sample of the population are selected

  • Surveys which are carried out face to face on a type of the population which corresponds to the analysis required (SPC, purchasing volume…),

Proposition of a crossed analysis of behaviour at the beginning / at the end

  • A credible measure enables us to improve the position of a product or service depending on the strengths and weaknesses perceived.
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