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Trading area

Some tools to :

  • Find out the profile of the prospects and customers residing in the trading area
  • Develop marketing actions locally
  • Adopt an efficient distribution policy

The trading area corresponds to the main purchasing area of a product and/or service of a company that is to say the usual area where most of the clients of this company come from. It is therefore essential to make a survey of this area, for positioning as well as to draw up action plans.

The key stages

Design the real trading areas of a shop

  • The store attendance rate is defined by a model dividing the customers into segments

Define the communication areas which have priority

  • Define a disparity index : This index is calculated according to the store attendance rate for the shop sign and its distance from the shop. The priority areas are therefore those where the penetration rate of the shop is abnormally low.

Confront with the density data

  • In order to plan movement flows and to define the most interesting communication areas.
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