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Test of concepts / services

Tools in order to :

  • Ratify the chances of success of a new idea or concept
  • Ensure that the new product meets a consumer need
  • Avoid failure in market positioning

The launching of a new product or concept involves risk taking for the company.

The objective of the tests is to provide the relevant information about the consequences of launching the product or service. The test can also enable the detection of possible areas of improvement.

Kheolia’s long experience has enabled us to master all the techniques necessary for this type of survey. Kheolia has expertise in qualitative and quantitative surveys enabling the development of the relevant methodologies (focus groups, individual interviews, online forums, panels…)

The key stages

Defining the right methodology

  • Different approaches exist for conducting concept tests and/or service tests. The ideas can be submitted to the consumers though a monadic approach, a sequential or comparative approach. The choices are made in an ad hoc way, depending on the type of product and the number of ways explored by the company …)

Kheolia’s competitive edge

  • A know how which is both qualitative and quantitative
  • Consultancy and accompanying the projects
Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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