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Semiotic Survey

Some Tools to :

  • Analyse the meaning in all its expressions -numerical, image, sound, text, publicity, communication aide, architecture etc.- at the deepest levels
  • Decrypt the messages
  • Correct inconsistencies in the meaning
  • Set up marketing and communication strategies

Semiotics is the science of language which studies the signs that produce a meaning when they are articulated in a system.
A sign (for example, the word « vessel ») is recognizable by the parts that it is made up of, either, the significant part (the content, the sensitive form of the sign : the letters v-e-s-s-e-l) and the signified part (meaning, content, idea conveyed by the concrete part “ a large sized ship”)
Considering this example, the words pronounced within a syntactic system produce a sense, the meaning of the sentence.
General semiotics enables us to describe all the sign systems, and using the aforementioned concepts, to describe, in principle, all the sign systems : texts, images, multimedia productions, road signs, fashion, shows, daily life, architecture etc. The signs articulate a system of meaning. Semiotics enables us to identify and establish this system whilst studying these signs in order to establish their scope and to set up marketing strategies and fine tune the communication accordingly.

The key stages

Identification of the corpus

  • Research, gathering together of the component of the reading corpus
  • Reading of a given corpus

Analysis of the discourse
Through 3 levels of ways of generating meaning

  • discursive
  • narrative

Operational recommendations

  • A detailed analysis of the conclusions
  • An objective analysis of the means of improvement

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