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Reasons for use or non use

Tools in order to :

  • Quantify the level of equipment and uses
  • Define key features of the consumptions
  • Fix the budgets allocated to the practices
  • Measure the satisfaction of the users

This type of study is particularly adapted to public bodies wanting to measure the impact of investment in equipment of services policies for a district, a department or a region, before drawing up their territorial management diagrams.

The key stages

Defining the targets

  • The survey perimeters can combine several types of target which must be questioned in the way which is most adapted. For instance a survey having the same objective will be carried out using different contact methods depending on whether it is about a company or an individual
  • Definition of the defined samples in strata if necessary

Ensuring a final adjustment

  • However, if several strata are overrepresented, each stratum can be read independently of the final result

Together with Kheolia we conducted a survey which is of great importance to our public body. Kheolia is an efficient partner the strong propositions of which have enabled us to obtain exploitable results and to develop a numerical territorial management diagram of the “Landes” region which is adapted to the needs of the households and companies in our department.

Pierre-Louis GHAVAM
Conseil Général des Landes
Information Technology and Communications Manager

Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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