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Our Commitment

Kheolia’s relationships with its clients are based on active listening, with transparency and trust. It is because we are involved in the choices that we find the best solutions together.
The quality of our surveys, their reliability, their price, the very best positioning possible.

Kheolia, is a corporate citizen

Our approach is one of an eco-citizen. Concerned about environment preservation, Kheolia market research institute is committed to the following :

  • Exercising a policy of corporate responsibility, in particular by creating sustainable jobs
  • Encouraging tele-working
  • Having most meetings by call conference ; when travelling is necessary we hire vehicles in car-sharing
  • Not distributing paper copies of report surveys, which are only sent by e.mail (pdf), except when explicitly requested
  • Reducing our co2 print, mainly with the help of the company easy tri http://www.easytri.fr


This is a new Toulouse based company which supports professionals in managing the waste from every day office life which is their ecological responsibility.

Find out more : http://www.easytri.fr

Vaziva 60 life

This is a company which offers a works council service to small companies (under 49 staff). Through this site the Kheolia staff can benefit from (travelling, cinema, concerts and others) just like an ordinary works council.

Find out more : http://www.60life.com/

Joint venture spirit

With its partners Kheolia has adopted the model of the “co-entreprise” which means working together.. Much more than just suppliers, the companies with which we work are involved in our projects. Together we find new ideas, we innovate, we create added value and find the most creative solutions.


A supplier of software which is specially adapted to surveys and software maintenance.
Kheolia has chosen ASKIA because this company offers one of the only solutions which cover all the stages of a survey from the information received whatever the means of collection used : CAPI, CATI, CAWI – to the processing and statistical analysis.

Find out more : http://www.askia.com/


NS-Team offer companies a set of services aiming at supporting them in their research for product improvement by :
- Developing software applications adapted to their profession,
- Setting up and adapting CRM and ERP Open Source solutions.

Find out more : http://www.ns-team.fr/


This is the supplier which hosts Kheolia’s survey solutions and interfaces. 
The company implements multimedia communication solutions and is a meeting place between communication and computer engineering.

Find out more : http://www.systonic.fr/

Corinne Cabanes and Associates

This is Kheolia’s Human Resources partner for Human Resources market research. 
This firm is a human resources consultant in all areas, and is specialized in talent search and recruitment, management training, coaching and outplacements.

Find out more : http://www.corinnecabanesetassocies.com/

MV Consulting, Michel Viala

MV consulting is a consulting company for management of information systems based in Toulouse. Michel Viala, an, independent consultant created MV Consulting in 2004 in order to support small and medium-sized companies in the optimization of these systems.
MV Consulting is most especially an expert in :
- assisting the executives of small and medium-sized companies, Information Technology managers and managers of data processing departments
- Organization of Information Technology Departments
- Implanting and deploying the ITIL, CMMI processes.

Find out more : http://mvconsulting.fr/


The Club of the Companies of the West of Toulouse fosters friendliness and economic exchange between its 80 members.

Find out more : http://www.club-cec.fr/

Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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