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Measuring the social climate

Tools in order to :

  • Measure the level of satisfaction of the staff (motivation, interest in the work, etc..)
  • Identify the strengths and the axes of progress in the professional environment
  • Find out the expectations, interpret feelings about policies implemented
  • Pick out and put into order of importance the causes of dissatisfaction and the concerns of the team

This study consists in gathering information and analysing the opinion of the staff about their company (assessment of the working conditions, the management, the level of trust, the stress involved and the perception of the Human Resources policy…) at a given time T, and then to be able to compare the results over a period of time through regular interventions.

Lastly, it is a question of finding ways to keep up the motivation and the confidence of the staff so that they contribute efficiently to the company’s performance.

The key stages

Define the environment of the survey

  • The themes and questions approached are different for each company according to the type of organization and the management style. The definition of these themes may require a preceding qualitative phase in order to identify the key elements in the life of the company. They may be linked to : :
     - the perception of the company and its values by the staff
     - integration within the company
     - the working environment
     - the motivating factors
     - evaluation of the level of stress
     - the circulation of information inside the company

Selecting the ways of doing the questionnaire

  • An auto-administered questionnaire via the internet, by mail,telephone…combined methods to guarantee a high level of participation and a good representation of the answers, in accordance with the statistical rules and in order to generate significant results.

As a market research institute, Kheolia strictly adheres to the rules decreed by the SYNTEC in terms of confidentiality and anonymity of the answers. Kheolia has made a formal commitment to the staff not to communicate any personal data but only the data which is authorized.

To ensure a complete analysis of the results, in year N and N+1, +2…

  • Statistical handling of the data and highlighting of any significant potential differences according to the segments or groups of staff.
  • Comparison of the successive results in percentages, leads to opinion ratings (globally and according to the segment of the population), synthetic indicators… based on an evolution matrix.

The assessment carried out by Kheolia with our staff on all the Aeroconseil sites, in France and abroad, has enabled us to get an overall view of the social climate. Regarding Spain, we have discovered from the annual study that the atmosphere at work is of major importance for our staff : This has led us to set up adapted policies »

Jean-Luc Jarrige
Manager of Aeroconseil Iberica

Kheolia has made a commitment to Esomar

Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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