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Customers’ profile / readers

Tools in order to :

  • Understand precisely the profile of a target both in terms of geographical origin and SCP
  • Calculate the penetration rate of a brand/a trade mark/press medium to get a view of its market as compared to that of competing/companies with the same features on a comparable territory
  • Optimize the marketing action according to the segments of the defined target in order to fine tune a policy for prospecting and customer loyalty

Customers’ profile/readers surveys give a detailed vision of a client base/reader through different variables. 

The key stages

Collecting information about the target

  • Collecting data about the trade mark / the press online medium(The RFM file, data from the customer loyalty programme, subscriptions…)
  • Conducting a survey by questioning the clients/readers after the visit/purchase/coming out of the shop based on a short questionnaire (8 questions at the most, focused on the client typology/ users/ readers)

Analysis of the target (s)

  • By comparing the data bases with the elements collected. The data, which is analysed and modelled, enables us to define the strategic and operational axes due to an understanding of the attitudes and expectations of the targets. Quantification and segmentation lead to specific marketing actions for each segment.

Making statistics from the data collected

  • Presentation, description and summary of a collection of data.
    In this way dash boards are created with the help of flat or crossed sorting, on the basis of descriptive variables (geographical localisation for example) and concerning behaviour (date of the order, amount spent, reading time…)
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