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Creative workshops

"Energy, group dynamic + intellectual methods or tools = creativity"

The methods for group creativity make it possible to find very good and very many group ideas. They lead to relevant and innovative solutions on various subjects : new concepts for products, brand name creation, prospective surveys… Based on recreational techniques, the creative workshops are efficient and rapid methods for innovation.

What is the principle ?

It happens inside a focus group. The core of the creative workshop is the imagination of the participants who speak to foster the creativity.

What is the aim ?

  • To get out of the classical context for exchanging ideas, stimulate the imagination, break the monotony of the discussion
  • To produce a large number of ideas around a theme
  • To enable the expression of ideas, opinions, visions towards various forms of language : textual creativity, artistic, theatrical…

How do we do it ?

Through role plays, setting up situations, free associations, brain post it, trees of knowledge, list of words, cut and paste, making up stories, recreational forms of expression, fine arts…

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