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Communication efficiency survey

Tools in order to :

  • Develop a policy of efficient media communication
  • Validate poster campaigns from the beginning to the end
  • Measure the relevance of using this particular type of media in relation to the target

The image of a company or a brand are mainly the result of the impact of its marketing actions. Posters are an expensive media which should only be used if there is absolute certainty about their appropriateness.
A message or an image which is poorly perceived can have serious consequences if not correctly interpreted by the target.

The key stages

Definition of the surface area of the survey

  • The surface area for the survey is defined according to the theoretical trading area
  • It is divided into sectors to enable a homogenous spreading out of the interviews
  • The sample defined in each area represents the households (size of the household and SPC of the Head of the family)

Preparation of the questionnaire

  • Optimization of the questions for the target public depending on the objectives of the survey

Analysis of the results and returns

  • For this survey, Kheolia recommends being present when returning the data and animating the meetings with the target publics : managers, teams, suppliers…
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Respectful of the ethical code in favour of good practices and consumer protection, Kheolia Institute has joined Esomar, the association for survey professionals which now has a worldwide coverage.

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